The British Saddleback pig has lop ears, a black coat and white unbroken band over the shoulders and down to both front feet. It may also have white hind feet and tail tip.
The British Saddleback breed was formed in 1967 through the amalgamation of the Essex breed (mainly found in East Anglia) and the Wessex (originating from the New Forest).
We choose Saddlebacks because the pigs are hardy & good natured and the sows are generally good mothers. They also produce high quality meat. We like lop eared pigs and black & white always looks good!
Our breeding herd

Our permanent herd consists of a small number of sows.

Within each breed of pigs there are a number of distinct bloodlines. The British Pig Association keeps a register of rare breed pigs and monitors the relative health of each breed.
Pig’s pedigree names are made up of the name of the herd they were bred in, their bloodline name and a number. Boars inherit the line name from their sire (father) and sows from their dam (mother). Our herd name is Blackthorn.

Our boar is called Frank. He has a medium sized saddle, white back feet and pink on his nose.


Frank is Hollingtonpark Golden Arrow 2.