Sussex Saddlebacks is able to offer a small amount of pork for sale each year, either as whole or half pigs, jointed and ready for the freezer. Our pigs are kept free range to produce pork which is succulent, tasty and makes proper crackling.
We are currently taking orders for June 2013 - please use our order form !
What will you get from half a pig?
Typically you can expect:
A selection of roasting joints, including leg, loin, belly and shoulder.
Joints can be small, medium or large, rolled and either on or off the bone.
The loin can be cut into lovely thick chops or left as roasting joints.
A choice of flavours are available, including a gluten free option. (If you have some of the belly as roasting joints you’ll get a few less sausages).
Bacon and gammon
Our butcher can cure you some bacon (back or streaky) or a gammon joint. These take 3 weeks to cure, so you’ll have to return to the butchers. But well worth it.
This is an example of what half a pig might look like (only with more sausages).
We charge apprx £6.50/Kg and from half a pig you’ll get at least 20 Kg of pork, jointed and ready for the freezer.
Now we’ve got you interested, the bad news is there's a limited supply. But we do keep a waiting list, so don’t be put off.

To get more information on availability, please contact us by emailing or ring 07843 911972.

When you are ready to buy some of our lovely pork, then please fill in our order form. This needs to be posted to the address on the order form, along with the deposit.
Thank you for supporting Sussex Saddlebacks.